With the amendment to the law §23 StVO 2017 (“Handyparagraph”), it will be necessary to operate radio equipment (amateur radio, CB radio) without using a handheld microphone from July 1st, 2020 in Germany. In other countries, similar laws exist already.

Nearly all current vehicles and retrofit car radios have a hands-free feature for mobile phones, where the phone is connected wirelessly to the vehicle using Bluetooth. The vehicle loudspeakers and the built-in microphone are used for communication with the other party.

In order to enjoy the same comfort also with the HAM radio/CB transceiver, bt-trx offers the possibility to connect with the vehicle as easily as a mobile phone. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary, simply connect bt-trx instead of the hand mike.

bt-trx is an Open Source project, which means all data for hardware and software will be freely available under an open license. The project will be opened to the public at HAM RADIO 2019.

How does it work?