Release of dev-board v4.1 - Kits available!

dev-board v4.1

In the last weeks we have been intensively working on the completion of the board versions v4 and v4.1. Actually it should be v4 which we also offer as a kit, however, there have been short-term problems with the availability of the ESP32 module used there. Therefore we had to rework the layout, which resulted in v4.1. This has the advantage that we have even more improvements in the version.

The work on the firmware for the ESP32 was also very successful. It is now possible to use the PTT button to set up the telephone call. and to install firmware updates via the WLAN of ESP32. Version v0.1.3 will be shipped with the first kits.

Kits available

Now we are happy to announce that there is a first, limited edition of the bt-trx kits in the thinkstack Shop available for ordering. The kits will be shipped within the next 3 weeks. We want to collect experiences of the first users and improve the documentation in order to make it as easy as possible for a wider range of users.

dev-board v4.1