Project Update August 2019


Our latest tests with the new configuration parameters for the WT32i Bluetooth module were very successful. It is now possible to connect also with radios of current vehicle models by e.g. VW and Ford without any problems.

There have also been improvements in the detection of incoming connections.

All these changes can be found in the firmware version 0.1.2.


The fourth version of the bt-trx development board (“dev-board v4”) is now finished and prototypes are being produced. The most significant change is the use of ESP32 as the controller, but there were also other changes made to make the board as simple and cheap as possible.

If everything goes according to plan, this will also be the version that we’ll supply as a kit. Currently it is planned to offer the kit from the beginning of October on
Probably we will take preorders starting from September, so its worthwile to have a look from time to time!

3D Rendering dev-board v4