Here is a small update on the progress of the project


In the meantime, we had the opportunity again to test the current version of the bt-trx firmware (0.1.0) with further radio models. It turns out that accessory radios usually work without problems. Some manufacturer radios, on the other hand, cannot currently be connected. We already have a few configuration values of the WT32i Bluetooth module that should fix this problem and will do some tests soon.


We are currently in the process of developing the fourth version of the bt-trx development board. The most significant change is that instead of the Teensy 3.2 module, we’ll switch to an ESP32. This is mainly because the ESP32 will cost about half of the price of the Teensy module. As a further advantage, the ESP32 offers integrated Wifi, which we may use in the future for configuration and firmware updates of the bt-trx. With the integrated Bluetooth LE we can e.g. wirelessly connect a PTT button.

As soon as we are finished with the development of v4, we will get started to make bt-trx kits available.